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New School-Age Program/Environment! April 2021
Our new school-age program/environment offers the perfect balance of exploring, discovering, learning and making new friends in an environment that is big on fun and supports exciting, hands-on learning experiences.
Our New and Improved School-Age Environment Offers:
  • A STEM Lab that offers exciting opportunities for exploring the sciences, technology, mathematics and engineering.
  • Remember space invaders? Our Arcade area offers an old-school, age-appropriate gaming experience with arcade games that include pac-man, centipede, space invaders and much, much more.
  • An inviting and cozy lounge area that offers your school-ager a safe space to relax and engage in social experiences with their peers.
  • A beautiful, park-like, open-air play yard that inspires playing ball games, or just spending time outdoors exploring nature.

Call now to learn more about a School-Age
Program/Environment your Student will be Excited to Spend their
Before and After School Time!
Enrollment will begin March 2021


Our Sunbury Center offers a School-Age Program that includes Before & After School Care and a Summer Camp Program that supports the perfect balance of fun and learning.

Call or Visit our Sunbury Center today for more information.

Before & After School Program
Our school age program includes before and after care in a small group setting that is big on opportunities! Our program will prove to be a fun and exciting addition to your child’s day. We offer opportunities to explore and learn new skills with educational, age appropriate activities and  tutoring that will assist your child in acquiring the necessary tools to exceed in school.

Summer Camp
Our summer camp program offers school-age children the perfect balance of exploring, discovering, learning and making new friends.

Our summer camp programs include:

  • Sports and Games
  • Field Trips
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Science and Nature
  • And much, much more.
The MileStone Lane Community Garden

At MileStone Lane we inspire students' natural curiosity and wonder with hands-on learning experiences and inquiry-based exploration with gardening.

Five Reasons we Cultivate and Nurture a Community Garden

  • It encourages children to eat healthier
  • It provides engaging, moderate exercise
  • It builds a sense confidence
  • It develops STEM & analytical abilities
  • It builds a sense of community

Every year as part of our Summer Instructional Program, the children take part in cultivating and nurturing a community garden. Our garden becomes a Grand Teacher; as the children grow a variety of flowers, herbs & spices, vegetables, pumpkins and berries to be later harvested and shared within the MileStone Lane community.

She, the “Grand Garden Teacher”, teaches the lessons of patience and careful watchfulness, while understanding that, there is nothing more eagerly anticipated than harvesting a wheel-barrel full of pumpkins!

Blackberry Bush
Cherry Tomatoes
Green & Red Peppers
Pumpkin Patch


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