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HighScope Curriculum
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Our pre-school goal is to prepare your child for the journey that leads them to kindergarten and on to a life time of learning. Our teacher’s interaction with your child is enthusiastic and demonstrates a mutual respect for each child. Independence and self-reliance is encouraged and each child is challenged according to their individual needs and abilities. Our teachers understand that “Play” is essential to your child’s physical, social, cognitive growth and development. Using the HighScope Curriculum our teachers incorporate the perfect balance of play and learning into their daily lessons and activity plans.
“The Highest Form of Research is Play”
Albert Einstein

Lesson and Activity Plans
Our lesson and activity plans are based on themes/ideas that interest children and are designed to continuously engage and peak their curiosity. Our lesson plans are full of fun, hands-on activities that build upon what children can do on their own, encouraging exploration, fostering independence and self-reliance. Our teachers purposely guide play to ensure that every child achieves the key developmental MileStones across these seven learning domains.

Learning Domains:

  • Personal and Social Development
  • Language Arts & Literacy
  • Beginning Math Concepts and Computer Skills
  • Scientific Thinking and Technology
  • Creative Expressions with Music & Movement and Creative Arts
  • Social Studies
  • Physical Development

Our Preschool & Pre-K Classrooms
Our Preschool & Pre-K Classroom Learning Centers encourage children to explore on their own building upon what they can do on their own; inspire critical thinking and problem solving through individual and group investigation, “research” and play. Our Learning Center’s offer the perfect balance of the child’s choice and instructional learning; creating meaningful and purposeful learning experiences.

Learning Centers:

  • Science & Technology Center
  • Reading & Writing Center
  • Basic Math & Computer Center
  • Community & Social Studies Center
  • Creative Arts Center
  • Blocks Center
  • Dramatic Play Center

At MileStone Lane, our Preschool and Pre-K teachers are dedicated to supporting an environment that encourages learning; guiding each child towards a life-time love for learning- One Milestone at a Time!



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